To let go is to let go, to forget is to be happy, People live, there is no need to understand everything, water to clear, no fish, people to clear, no friends. Fight with your family, win, lose your family; fight with your lover, win, lose your feelings; fight with your friends, win, lose your love. It's reason to fight, emotion to lose, and self to hurt. Black is black, white is white, let time to prove. Let go of your own stubbornness, be generous, willing to do things, win the whole life; more peace, more warmth, life will have sunshine. People live for themselves. Don't expect everyone to know you. Don't expect everything to go well. I know how to comfort myself when I am tired. No one loves, but also needs to be strong; no one applauds, but also needs to fly; no one appreciates, but also needs to be fragrant. Life, no template, just a heart lamp. When you are tired, find fun and don't lose happiness; when you are busy, take time secretly and don't lose your health; when you are tired, stop and don't lose happiness. In ordinary life, busy in work, safe at home. We don't want to make great progress in our career, but to live a sweet and warm life. We don't want to live a rich life, but to have a happy and healthy family. People always strive for what they don't get and ignore what they have. The one that hurts the most is often the most persistent; the one that hurts the heart is often the one that cares the most. Deep in love, but do not care about perfunctory; moving persistent, but indifferent indifference; single-minded pay, but self sentimental loneliness. Love, need two hearts to care; love, need to communicate with heart. There is no love that can't be together, only a heart that doesn't know how to cherish; there is no love that can't last forever, only people who don't know how to protect. In fact, the most precious possession is the one who treats you well in life. No matter how open-minded you are, you will also have a heart injury. No matter how cold your heart is, sometimes your eyes will turn red. No matter how smart you walk, there will be confusion on the way; no matter how beautiful you live, there will be desolation behind you. If you are not tired, there will be a warm nest; if you are not thirsty, there will be a gurgling mountain spring. There are several hidden wounds in everyone's heart. Some tears, can only flow to the heart; some bitter, can only bite teeth. Some depressed, remind yourself to face the sun; some injured, tell yourself to choose to laugh to forgive. The vision washed by tears will be more firm, and the life experienced by pain will be more tenacious.